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“Everyone wants to put in their Two Cent’s worth” scowled Jeff Lee, organiser of the Anti-Conscription get-together and Concert night in October at the big hall at Addison Rd community centre in Annandale in Sydney.

The get-together was in the afternoon, supposedly for anti Vietnam war anti conscription activists to tell their stories – but instead only a high profile draft dodger, Michael Matherson talked (plus another whose emotional account I could barely follow).

This wasn’t helped by the fact that Jeff had put the featured speakers on the floor of the hall – while the microphones where only on the stage.
He had made out earlier that I could also join in, given I’d written some major anti-war poems at the time one long one that was published in the Wayside Chapels DELOS magazine in about 1970 (which I likely read out publically there). I was also showing the “organisers” an article in the Sydney Telegraph newspaper in 1971 – about how I’d made a film about the Sydney anti-war Moratorium.
Putting a knife in my front, Jeff dismissed my participation in the poorly attended (less than 20) get-together – with his Two Cents remark at the end, to the audience. Next there was the memorial Columns to launch at the entrance – after Jeff admitted he’d let the Agent Orange guy ramble on too long. The later Concert afterall, was advertised to be a fund-raiser for the victims of that deadly defoliant used in Nam to get rid of the trees so the “gooks” would be more easily killed. Some connected to the Agent Orange issue were clearly actually in favour of the Vietnam War - just against being poisoned for generation as Oz soldiers there, by Agent Orange.
I later asked Jeff if I could just read my shorter poem at the Concert – which his sub-organiser wanted to happen, but Jeff just groaned (very loudly and quite publicly). That powerful poem if mine, questioning religion was most likely read out at Wayside Chapel question time - nearly 50 years ago.
However, earlier he was suddenly interested in how I videoed the talk by Michael from my tripod in the audience – sadly without mic amplification being supplied, so it won’t be usable without volume increase in post-prod. I also videoed Aquarius organiser Mathew Dunstan, who had a great loud voice – with both of them approving my videoing afterwards (offering them a video copy). Mathew said some very interesting things about the then counterculture movement - that helped stop conscription.
Jeff had quickly approached me, offering to pay “expenses” for my video coverage – given I was the only person videoing those two key speakers. However later, after his big Groan against me asking to just read my short great anti Vietnam war poem at the Concert (that he didn’t bother to even look at) I just pissed off before the concert. Jeff had been publically nasty at me at a Politics in Pub years before, so I really couldn't believe his “expenses” offer for making videos - and getting copyright permission to cover songs at the Concert would be just too hard.
AtTAPGalleryevent days before the Concert – Jeff was hugely late and hadn’t replied to my email weeks before about how I had my Morayorium based  film to play. A woman had already complained to me there that Jeff had been very rude to her recently to which I replied that he spread it around. Given that he seemed only to have USA film DVDs to play when he did arrive, I took off before he could recognise me (I hoped) - and orobably give me a hard time again. 
At the Addisson St event days later, he kept introducing me to people as the guy who USED to produce (ie edit for UPE) Dole News plus other completely wrong claims, again ignoring the UPE – (that I was forced to keep correcting). Not much fun for me, but the female Co-ordinator of the Addison St complex just loves him it seems, as he “gets things going”.
What he really got going that will remain, perhaps, was her memorial Columns at the centre’s entrance – which was launched (before the Agent Orange Concert) with a full smoking-ceremony. However she had a mic and little amp to let the speakers compete with the passing traffic – so I videod some of that. The smoking ceremony Aboriginal guy told some women not to video him (just photograph).
There are mostly nonmilitary plaques, though the place is full of old Nissan huts – as it was originally an army base for receiving 1960’s conscripts. Luckily I got out of that long enough for Whitlam to just stop it. I'm not sure anti war activists will be featured much on tiny $70 plaques on the memorial Columns - since those who "served" are priority. Yet another War Memorial it seems

Friday, November 28, 2014


Australia's oldest "democratic" government body, Sydney City Council - is now blocking internet computer access to this and other Unemployed Peoples Embassy websites - at it public computers (in its public libraries and community centres). This draconian anti-democratic action was taken in November 2014, with no notice to our longtime registered non profit human rights organisation - let alone with any "reason" offered for doing it.

The chilling part of this is that our awarded publication, Dole News - published first in 1976, is now virtually unavailable to the jobless and other disadvantaged people in the inner Sydney area. Dole News, which received a grant from the Human Rights Commissionthrough its publisher, Unemployed Peoples Embassy in 1984 - now rarely is able to produce issues through printing/photocopying, as it had no further public funding to do it (let alone public donations).

DOLE NEWS has constantly exposed government corruption, such as fake "work tests" in the 1870's and 80's - used to unfairly cut jobless off the dole (see our book "WORK TEST"). Mpre recently it has exposed the dirty tricks of the Job Network and Sydney TAFE to exlude middle aged males and males with diasabilities. Oddly, there has been little change in content for Dole News since the 2014 Federal Budget - excepr updating some of the TAFE material - that mysteriously went missing.

Now google has some log-in block to a tange of our Dole News based blogs - which we hope is temporary. By the way, the UPE grant from Human Tights Commission for Dole News was awarded in 1984. Big Brother is certainly watching 30 years later !!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Unemployed Peoples Embassy is currently webcasting from

Also there are recordings of the Ultimo TAFE bullying of a middle aged male student with physical disability to be webcast. More of younger student bullying emails are now being released on:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


The small-target Abbort opposition leader, with his three word slogans - has now been revealed as a great deceiver with his first Budget in government. Breaking the few promises he made before the last election (regarding Medicare, pensions and Gonski funding etc) - his Budget falsely claims to Share The Pain by giving the super rich a light haircut - while cutting off the poor at the knees.The $7 GO tax will supposedly go to a medical research bank (future fund) to discover disease cures that only the rich will get benefit from.

Conession card holders will have to pay $7 for their first ten visits to a GP each year - plus $5 extra for every prescription at the chemist. Jobless under 25 will only be able to get the Youth Allowance, which is quite a lot less even than the dole. Meanwhile people losing a job under 30 will have to wait six months before they can get any jobless allowance AT ALL. No govt funded full time job creation is being proposed - though youth unemployment is at least twice that of over 25's unemployment. People under 35 on Disability Support Presion will be "reassessed" for it by Govt paid "experts" every 3 months or so. They will not be assisted into employment by the $10,000 grant over two years going to employers who take them on (like the jobless over 50 are going to get).

The Unemployed Peoples Embassy (UPE) continues to seek support and funding to revive its successful Odd Job Centre (OJC) project - first established in 1978. It had young jobless and disabled people as members, who volunteered to run its office at 41 Phillip St Sydney and do paid casual work for clients externally. It operated later in two successive site in Kings St Newtown/ St Peters. Its last site received a one off grant of $500 for the UPE from Marrickville Council for the later. Contact us on - for more details or support. The OJC included the Creatoive Media Workshop with music and songwriting performing projects - and now is adding more website and video production.
The phone number of the UPE is in the Sydney WHITE pages. POSTED 15 MAY 2014

This blog network is now more difficult to update. The publishing dates shown by Google are now incorrect. Though there does seem to be some limit way around adding new text - a new website is now being sought for UPE background information - which is now unreadable on the MAGIX websites (which have lost their formating).

Thursday, May 31, 2012



Due to lack of political foresight by the major political parties, Australia is now having to import temporary workers to fill regional and remote jobs. It was the Keating "Labor"govt that brought in the insane "hippi dole" law to stop the jobless from escaping high rents and homelessness in the city. The law cut the jobless off the dole for a number of months for moving to a regional area deemed to be of "lesser employment opportunities". The even crazier Howard govt, doubled the cut off period to about a year. This meant that jobless were discouraged from trying to find cheaper rents and casual farming/tourism work in country centres. Even moving from Sydney to the Blue Mountains could have you lose the dole. If you move to Katoomba to get three months seasonal work in a cafe there - will you be allowed to get back on the dole when that work runs out?

On top of that, the dole allows the jobless to earn less than half the amount that pensioners and tertiary students are allowed to earn, before Centrelink starts to reduce it. The Gillard govt, in other words, expects the jobless to work for the dole with income from arduous casual work.  The Minister  Shorten (ex union boss) constantly backs Gillard's ravings about how the jobless won't take full time work if they can keep earnings from casual and part time work. Instead Centrelink's highly paid Brisbane based hit squad, is being funded to come after jobless who don't fully declare their casual work earnings (and pesky middle aged males trying to retrain at TAFE for employment as well). They just can't afford to live in the city, but can't ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY.

The jobless are usually better off living outside Australian cities, (which are the most unaffordable in the world to live in). They can still apply for city jobs and even give a city relative's address as their "residential" address. They can easily travel to the city if they are ever offered a job interview. However, the "job network" won't like that, as they like living in the city. A lot of regional workers -like farmers, teachers, chefs have taken off to earn heaps driving trucks for the multinational mining companies. City based jobless could take over those vacated roles, while still living only four hours or so from major cities. Of course fast rail would make the travel distance to regional centres shorter, but Sydney hasn't even got a serious international airport yet - so what chance is there of real decentralisation happening.

Australia has the least decentralised population in the world. We also have the highest migration rate in the world, with most of the mostly NESB migrants moving to our main already overcrowded and dysfunctional major cities. Of course modern politicians don't like the idea of the jobless living in regional areas and maybe having a backyard to grow some food in. They want us all to be crowded into city blocks of flats (like a feedlot, as Tony Windsor puts it). The business interests who back them, want concentrated populations - that  are easier to sell their stuff to (ie market density). The govt would rather import temporary workers for outback jobs, as well as import mass culture - rather than properly fund arts in this country. Whose country is this anyway?   

Saturday, April 21, 2012

achtung: our Website Domain blocked by overseas webmaster has now "under construction" ie still blocked of our previous content,  after the foreign webmaster of that domain name has no answered our second message to them about how we can pay for it to continue. We have no creditor debit card and we don't know how much exactly in $A they want (they say USD 11 plus) for the Domain name rental - or whatever the cheque we're offering to send - would actualy be for. Wenow at least know where to send a cheque to them. However our most recent message got us access back to Magix online web maker - so we can now see and update the website that is now offline or blocked. Maybe we can also update the current website shown below - which has been frozden for months now. The ads on these sites are nothing to do with us by the way - someone is making money from them though. Our postal address is in the Sydney Yellow Pages - if anyone wants to contact us with information or with some support for our registered non profit organisation. Our other cool mini website is still be up - and has a contact page, where you can send us an email

A more sinister event was an attempt, shown in google listings of the "dole news" search name, to block our first published DOLE NEWS blog at: (NOTE: it looks now like our other newer editions of Dole News are also being blocked in the google  "dole news" listing- though some of them can be found by adding unemployedpeoplesembassy to the search).
We are now trying a new address of


The above edition first exposed the story of the middle aged Sydney man being fined nearly $18,000 by Centrelink for studying full time at TAFE in 2010 and 2011. He had had to return to St George TAFE in 2010 to complete his Diploma in case management, when the workplace learning teacher couldn't find him a placement to complete during the 2009 academic year, (because she found most of the organisations she approached said "we usually get a female"). The stress involved led to a sudden increase in his blood pressure readings in early 2010, after he had to leave an unsuitable and abusive "placement" over the Xmas holidays - where he ran out of Austudy payments in the new year

Soon after he complained formally in 2011 to St George TAFE , (who admitted the female preference statement), Centrelink came after him, just as he was completing a Youth Work cert 4 course at Ultimo TAFE (including a placement)  - claiming they had information from St George TAFE that he'd only been studying 5 hours a week and that they didn't know about his 2011 course. The Brisbane based, Centrelink Authorised Review Officer, then claimed that they didn't count hours of students doing placements as study hours. He had sent them ample documents by their 15 December 2011 deadline, from the twoTAFE colleges' head teachers and official signed  "enrollment advice" forms (showing 20 hours a week of studies) - to prove he was studying  full time, He is now struggling to mount an appeal to the Social Security Appeals Tribunal, with the Welfare Rights Centre refusing to represent him (saying he can do it himself). The added stress put him on high medication for his hypertension (first emerging in early 2010) from early 2012 - when it became dangerous.

In this DOLE NEWS blog, he writes about how his experiences of discrimination against him in every course he has done with TAFE since 2005 - climaxed this year with him being excluded from "group work" in a class (made up almost entirely of much younger females) where groups run programs with youth at local youth centres. The teacher ignored his pleas. through emails, to ensure he would be included in a group doing an non active sports activity that he could participate in (given his diagnosed lower back problem). Head Teachers also ignored his pleas for the reacher tom intervene in student group formation, and ensure he could participate in a group doing a non active sports project. He has proof of this interview with the head teachers, since he taped, with their tacid permission. The Ultimo TAFE Director has not responded by email to his formal complaint about the discrimination, made on 30 March.

He has received advice from a discrimination law specialist at Redfern Legal Centre, that he has a case for complain to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board and the federal Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (which now has new funding for an Ageing Discrimination Commissioner). Now he is on the dole, with a Centrelink psychologist in May 2012, giving him a 6 months exemption from having to sign up with the "Job Network" because of his hypertension issue and documented stresses from Centrelink and Ultimo TAFE - as he tries to prepare his appeal against the unfair Centrelink debt due in late July. To try and acheive this "deadline", though he can withdraw and later reinstate the appeal, he is delaying further complain further about discrimination by both TAFE colleges.  Later he hopes to try to restore his health by concentrating on exercise and a return to his recognised community arts and media arts volunteer projects.

The SSAT eventually gave him a month's extension from the June deadline they set on the hearing. He only got the extensive "papers:" from Centrelink - through them, a week before the proposed hearing. He is hopingbto get them sent to the Welfare Rights Centre for their legal interpretation, as he is still too stressed by the unfair actions by enttelink and Ultimo TAFE, to look at them himself. His GP continues to monitor his hypertension, after it was found to be increasing again in June - despite months of high medication.  He is also battling a long lingering throat couch and sudden bouts of flu.



                                    T H E  S A G A  B E G I N S ...........

MONDAY NIGHT SPECIAL  -  community legal service assists TAFE male ageism/disability victim  

I went to Redfern Legal Centre for an appointment on Monday night of 16 April 2012, having been told it was there Discrimination Night. There I had two female solicitors talking to me, the younger one “Jess”, who had read my file with all the emails in it, and the more sceptical sort of older one “Tess” – who hadn’t. I was asking about my legal position in regard to several types of discrimination from Ultimo TAFE, where they’d been freezing me out of a subject I was studying there involving student “group work” with much younger students. I tried to give “Tess” context to the situation, by outlining how I’d already complained to St George TAFE about their gender discrimination in allocating work placements in 2009, when I was doing a case management Diploma there.
“Tess” just didn’t want to hear my story, and though they knew I’d now lodged a formal complaint to Ultimo TAFE about their age, sex and disability discrimination – she couldn’t help ridiculing me by saying: “maybe they just don’t like you”. I disagreed – no I get along okay with them. Later they talked to the youngish male solicitor there who was indicating that they couldn’t sign off on my proposed complaint. Back in another room, “Jess” and “Tess” tried to break it to me that I was on my own – to which I tried to recap briefly. “Tess”, again testy said – not your STORY again.  Next day I saw the Principle Solicitor (PS) in the street and complained that “Tess” had ignored my request for me to see a male solicitor instead of them. It involved a sexual discrimination afterall.

PS pointed out that sex discrimination legislation had been framed with discrimination against females in mind and age discrimination was hard to pin down. She is more like my age and probably knows something about the social justice campaigns I’ve been involved in over decades – one which got a Human Rights Commission grant for a long time paper (ie DOLE NEWS). So she got me an interview with another solicitor (female) of similar vintage to me on Friday 20 April.  That solicitor was a discrimination specialist, and couldn’t understand why had been an appointment on a Monday night – as that was the Police matters night – while Tuesday night was for discrimination stuff. No wonder I was getting the crim doing-over by “Tess” and the bearded overseer.
TELLING MY STORY - younger students petition TAFE to remove older students from classes.

So when “Tess” and PC challenged me on whether “they just don’t like you” , I had to go back to 2005, when my ageism experiences with younger students really started when doing TAFE courses again. At Randwick TAFE I was doing a Multimedia course part time. (In 2000 Centrelink, had barred me from completing my Social Science degree part-time - by forcing me to do the final three subjects in one semester and get a full time education based payment instead of the dole).  In 2005, Centrelink claimed I could do this high level digital media course part time, while doing my longtime State and local Govt recognised unpaid community work in public tenant support and longtime community arts festival co-ordination  - to satisfy the "activity test".) I preferred to do study part time as I could do classes a couple of nights a week - and classes would have a balance of (usually employed) mature aged students in them,

In the Multimedia course, us middle aged students made up about half the classes in the subject - but the younger students still couldn't accept ANY middle aged students being in their classes. They actually came up with a sort of PETITION (a letter they all signed), demanding that we be removed from their classes. This was so serious that the then two (digital media) Head Teachers, Peter Ford and Amparo "Depue" (I'm not sure of spelling of this Peruvian lady's last name) held a forum with all us students - with no resolution being found. In the same course, a female teacher told me after a class that me and another older male student SHOULD LEAVE THE CLASS AS WE WERE "HOLDING UP THE YOUNGER STUDENTS". I made a written complaint aboutb this - but the Head Teachers generally avoided even touching written complaints. In any case the teacher involved, did sort of "apologise" for her ageist discrimination. Quite rightly I got a DISTINCTION in the subject.

GENDER DISCRIMINATION  - admitted by St George TAFE community services courses
I had to return to St George TAFE to complete a Diploma in case management, because they failed to offer me a placement (not just work experience) during 2009, when I hoped to complete it (including all class based subjects). The placement teacher ended up admitting that most placemrent organisations she approached, told her "WE USUALLY GET A FEMALE". The Dept Director later admitted in a reply to my complaint to ST George TAFE, that they WERE saying this. I got a second placement in 2010, involving 240 hours (equivalent to class-type study hours) after the teacher only got me a holiday placement over the 2009/10 Xmas break - where I ran out of Austudy (at the end of 2009 calendar year). That placement with St Vincent de Paul's Mathew Talbot Homeless Services (MTHS) lasted 166 hours into 2010, when the female workplace "supervisor" unfairly dismissed me as soon as I showed her a Dr certificate regarding my diagnionsed lower back condition, saying I couldn't do the heavy lifting they were about to get me to do in their Clinic section (lifting clients to shower them etc). She claimed rhat the medical certificate could be said to amount to a "refusal to do work". She then repeatedly derated me as being "unemployable".

I had been pleading to the female St George teacher to get me out of that placement, as they hadn't been interested in supporting any of my Work Plans (needed to be able to do a Portfolio about the placement and therefore be passed TAFE in the subject.  However the teacher never replied to my emails over the holiday period - though she later let me withdraw from the "workplace learning" subject with no penalty. In early 2010 she contacted me about reenrolling in the subject - and do another placement (in order to at last finish the Diploma). She then got me another male only client base placement - this time way out west in a church run drug and alcohol Rehab (though I wasn't doing an AOD course at all).  Alas, the workplace supervisor there had previously been a manager at MTHS - and acted just as arbitarily as the (usually absent female) one there who has "supervised" me.  He ended up kicking out all the TAFE placement students at the same time for no apparent reason - but he was careful that I had my 240 hours up. he praised my project there and my support for him (though illness in his family).

However he now wasn't replying to my emails as I worked on my huge Portfolio for the TAFE teacher to mark - so I emailed the new TAFE teacher, who also couldn't get him to co-operate in signing me off on the placement (describing him as "difficult". By the end of the semester, the Acting Head Teacher decided to sign off on the placement - based on my Portfolio that I handed in. I had been rightly apprehensive that I might end up having to do a THIRD 240 hour placement in the second semester of this unnecessarily extended full time course. When TAFE passed me with the second (OAD*) placement, I spent the 2010/11 holidays applying for jobs in case management related fields - but only got two interviews (and no full time job). In 2011 I did Youth Work cert 4 at Ultimo TAFE (close to my home - and I couldn't afford to repair my car anymore). After getting my St George Diploma in Community Services (case management) in mid 2011, I made my written complaint to them about their gender discrimination.                (* Alcohol and Other Drugs)

Only a few months after that graduation (a year later than was necessary) and as I was frantically finishing assignments in November for Youth Work - I got a letter from Centrelink's Brisbane's based hit-squad, claiming it had "information" from St George TAFE. They gave me a deadline of 15 December to produce any documentation showing I was full time enrolled in 2010 and 2011 - however they cut me off Austudy on 6 December - imposing an near $18,000 debt on me for two year's Austudy. They claimed I had been only doing a "nominal" 5 hours per week,amount of study load (class) hours in 2011. On the phone - the chief Brisbane Centrelink hit-man, on the phone, claimed that they thought  had been doing Youth Work cert 4 at St George TAFE in 2010. The female so-called "Authorised Review Officer" also in Brisbane, claimed (on the phone) that placement hours didn't count as study (load) hours. The Welfare Rights Centre, later, gave me a copy of the Social Security legislation - where it said that if the educational institution said that the "practical work" hours were essential to the course - placement hours could count as "study load" hours.

They seemed to have no proper paper trail for keeping track of students doing several full time courses year by year. In 2011 I had applied for RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) especially to get out of doing subjects I'd done in Community Services courses before -  that would involve doing group work or class role plays with younger students again (as I always found that they would exclude me from working with them - as much as possible). However, I was able to do a 140 hour placement with a local government run youth service (with a "supervisor" who had the same usual last name as the female one at MTHS had). I thought I was doing the required 20 hours a week full time study load - given that the Subject Co-ordinator told the class, early in the year that - though the placement wouldn't start until the second Semester, they would be "spread" across both semesters. Afterall, we were only attending classes two days a week - which couldn't possibly add up to 20 hours a week. Unfortunately, Centrelink actually calculates its 20 hours per week on a Semester by Semester basis.  


In 2012 I enrolled in the Youth Work Diploma at Ultimo TAFE, after completing the cert 4 in 2011. It was going okay, until the class with group work in it - required all students to form groups in order to start running programs for clients at local youth centres. The students attending were all female, except for me and a younger male, who "Jacob" . Early on, I contacted the Program Co-ordinator (PC), asking her how I can get to talk to the teacher running the course - who I'll call "Felicity"inorderto try and get her support to ensure the mostly much younger female students would include in my one of the small groups to be formed. However, the PC didn't help me get in contact, and the Secretary of the Community Services section - couldn't help me either. I then sent "Felicty" some emails raising my concerns that I'd be excluded from groups being formed, but this never resulted in any meeting with her about this issue - despite her promises to do so.

MORE TO COME - I start getting "narky" emails and the recordings that expose Head Teacher disability discrimination.


Read my COLLEGE DIARY on  ...........about my final classes at Ultimo TAFE   ---------    how the Leftovers Group push me out, also my legacy of emailed demographic Newsletters to be located.

Then there are their bullying emails being released on